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CRISTINA MASSEI - Editor in Chief & Artistic Director

Cristina's email is the busiest one. Avoid unnecessary reminders and  remember her inbox is a bit like the Bermuda Triangle, so you might want to consider sending your enquiry to someone else unless very specific. Cristina likes  indie, rock'n'roll, oldies, blues, soul and good pop. She'll listen to anything from Peter Doherty, the Wildhearts, Caro Emerald, Vintage Trouble to Elvis and the Four Tops. Anything more violent than Van Halen will strongly upset her, and growling vocals make her violently sick. When not listening to music she'll watch vintage horror movies and anything with Kevin Spacey in it, read some Stephen King and catch up on 24 or 1000 Ways To Die while waiting for Dexter's return.

MATT DAWSON - Associate Editor

Matt loves metal but we slap him on the head every now and then to make sure all genres have the same consideration. He's your go-to guy for all the heavy shit, however he also digs a bit of prog and  is  generally quite open-minded - as long as you don't mention Nickelback.   He's also the main guy in the office publishing your news at record speed, differently from Cristina. Keep that in mind.

NELLY LORIAUX - Associate Editor

French party girl Nelly can be found with her Nikon around clubs and events worldwide, boogieing and snapping at the same time. She can. When the sun shines chance is she'll be sunbathing in Ibiza afer dancing the night away. I'll tell you a secret though: under the clubbing appearance lies a proper rock chick, and she can't say no to a good gig when in London! Look for her in the photo pit...

DENISE BRITT - US Correspondent

The most enthusiastic girl in the whole state of Texas, Denise covers for us shows and festivals with some help from her own little rock'n'roll team across the US. Doesn't matter how many rockstars she meets, she still gets excited. One day the whole team will show  up at her doorstep in Austin with a case of Alamo, but she doesn't know that yet. Shhhh......

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We also have a valid team of regular freelance contributors we would like to   mention in no particular order, so you know they do stuff for us in case they ask for CDs or passes...

Mark Fletcher - Photographer/Reviewer/Interviewer

Paul Roundhill -  Feature Writer

Matthew Higgs - Photographer/Reviewer/Interviewer

Sophia Disgrace - Reviewer/Interviewer/Burlesque specialist

Kristian Kotilainen - Reviewer (Berlin based)

David Lees- Photographer/Reviewer/Interviewer

John Morgan - Reviewer/Interviewer

The Reverend Eddi - Reviewer/Interviewer/Radio DJ

David J Brady - Reviewer

Cat Finch - Reviewer

Tim Finch - Photographer


Sonic Shocks aims to cover big and small acts of all music genres, plus movies, books and more in the art and entertainment sector.  Our website has been around since June 2010, our magazine was born a year later (initially as a free tabloid mainly distributed in London).  Amongst the events we’ve covered over the years you’ll find Download, Reading, Sonisphere, Camden Rocks, Camden Crawl, Ibiza International Music Summit, the DJ Awards, the Classic Rock Awards, the Golden Gods, Ibiza’s opening parties, Hyde Park Calling, Ozzfest and many more.

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